As a Personal stylist I can affirmed that people buy feelings not clothes.

Being a Personal Stylist based in Milan, put me constantly in contact with retail stores, clients from many different countries, brands, big & small department stores.

For a client that books a Luxury Shopping Experience with Personal Shopping Milan’s Team, common questions before meeting each other physically are: What is your favorite Brand? What kind of purse do you usually carry? Among others, but as a personal stylist and fashion consultant, some time ago I started asking myself the deeper meaning of their answers.

personal stylist

As a personal stylist and fashion consultant I realize that while product quality and seller reputation matter, the real reason clients make a purchase goes a way beyond the obvious. It goes to the subconscious.

personal stylist  personal stylist

In fact, recently this morning I was at the “Future of Retail Summit” and researches from the speakers have proofed that almost 90% of the purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.

Some of the speakers talked about the new digital marketing tools applied during the retail experience in the stores. How? Some stores already are using Big Data to predict the trends and the taste of their current and potential clients, through big screens installations that register the person in front of it and projects the content according to the majority of the audience in front, the main goal is to generate emotions.

personal stylist

Another very interesting strategy is positioning a Totem that links directly with the smartphones and allow the retailer to get a lot of information from the client that later on they use to creatively generate content that connects the feelings of the clients to the Brand, achieving their ultimate goal connect with the client and guide them to buy.

personal stylist personal stylist personal stylist

As a personal stylist, going around the Luxury Boutiques in Milan, I have realized that even though the experiences In-Store are far from this technology with the exception of 2 or 3 cases, still the decision of purchasing comes down to the customer’s emotions. We are all unique, but as Tony Robbins said “we all share 6 fundamentals needs: certainly, significance, variety, love and connection, growth, contribution. And all behavior, including the purchasing decisions, is an attempt to meet the needs”.

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