Fashion Social Media. Is physical retail already dead?

As a matter of facts, today’s retail experience has changed. Physical stores are struggling to digest and integrate successfully the fashion social media channels, and they are having a hard time understanding the new customer behavior.

How to survive to the change? adapting your commercial strategy to the new tech is the answer.
Social Media in the fashion industry, is a key point to build a successful business.

fashion social media

I meet clients everyday, owners of small shops, buyers from big department and multi brand stores, and mostly of them are looking for a solution to increase their sales. When they ask me for advise I always tell them to look after a strong and correct fashion social media strategy.

Working in digital marketing and fashion social media, let me understand a few key points that can help you improving your business:

1- MOBILE DATA Track mobile customer data, this is a “weapon” to understand better your customers behavior.

2- SOCIAL MEDIA Hire a team to manage the social media with a strong strategy aligned with the image of your physical store.

Integrating social media and physical store is crucial to get good revenue out of your business.

fashion social media

Let’s talk about the newness. Instagram has created a super engaged user base and product-friendly feeds that now can be shopable, well yes the shopping experience is available on instagram you can simplify it by allowing your audience to learn more about your products with a single tap, taking your potential clients directly to your E-store to make a purchase.

3- work on local targets using the correct digital marketing and fashion social media strategy you can catch the attention of the local consumer and understand measurably their behavior.

4- Personalize the shopping experience. I was interviewed by a digital agency which was doing a research for a luxury ecommerce exactly about this point, because they wanted to understand how to integrate an amazing IRL shopping experience with the e-commerce experience.
I believe new generations and potential customers are expecting something more than just a cool product. They’re expecting something more than a nice store. They want an atmosphere, they want an experience, they want something they can Instagram, they want something that they can tell their friends about.

fashion social media

Surely the physical stores are not dying, the retail experience is changing and only the smart retailers will survive, the once who will invest their resources correctly.

Are you think already in selling through fashion social media? The Instagram sales channel gives merchants access to millions of mobile shoppers on a platform that truly loves products, making commerce easier only by tapping through your feed.
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