Finding your personal style

Finding your personal style is the ultimate key to be confident!

Summer is the time of year that we all wait for, often synonymous of holidays and fun.finding your personal style

A perfect time to travel, inspire us, find our personal style and show it to the world!

  • In the working world there is a concept of ‘personal branding’, which refers to thinking of you as if you were a brand in order to develop yourself professionally. This means that, like any brand, it is necessary to look for what differentiates you from others, define your objective, design your brand and positioning, design your marketing and communication strategy, and lastly, act according that.
  • To succeed and be happy requires a good dose of personal style, and this is more than following the fashion trend. This means finding who you are and communicate it through how you look every day.

Actually, finding your personal style can help you in all aspects of your life:

  • As part of the attributes of the brand (yourself), you must have a look and feel of personal style. It is about getting everything that represents you and communicate it through your style, being consistent with your ‘personal branding’ strategy.
  • Also, on the personal level, it is not a secret that we feel more 
  • confident about ourselves when we are well dressed according with the occasion and according with who we are. This is also necessary to keep our self-esteem healthy.

finding your personal style

Finding your personal style will definitely make you more attractive and authentic because it will give you confidence. At the same time, it will draw attention to what you want in your professional and personal life.

To achieve this, be inspired in the things you like, the people you admire, the person you are and the person you would like to evolve in a near future. Do not forget to open your mind to new things, places and people.

This summer, visit places you like and enjoy what you are passionate about: food, places, drinks, people, sports, arts, etc. Inspire yourself and discover your personal style, but the most important: enjoy looking beautiful and feeling confident.



About my inspiration

finding your personal style

This summer I was inspired by many places around Miami and Atlanta City. If you are planning to visit any of those

 places, I recommend you to go to:

Around Miami

• Shopping malls, such as: Dolphin Mall, Aventura Mall, Sawgrass Mills

Las Olas Boulevard

Ft Lauderdale Beach

Hard Rock Stadium

Atlanta City

CNN Center

World of Coca Cola

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta Botanical Garden


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