London fashion week men’s

As the men’s fashion shows in London have wrapped up, now it’s time to put in order chaotic impressions and see what is expecting us towards the end of the year! So here are some of the loudest trends to come in London fashion week men’s.


The brightest trend to catch the eye on the catwalks is Highlighter colours. Though unusual for menswear in London, neon colours have conquered the collections of huge number of designers. Neon shades of green, pink and orange have been seen everywhere but fizzing electric yellow is the one to reach the fever pitch.

London fashion week men's London fashion week men's

For men preferring fidelity to classic masculine look, comes the second trend for Autumn/Winter 2017! Deep, dark mossy green is another of your alternatives for menswear coming from London. This sort of green works well on all skin colours, the fact to assure the best look for everyone. For example, a most-loved combination for the modern gentleman, mixing your sneakers with tailored pieces of mossy green has far become the norm, especially in London.

                  London fashion week men'sLondon fashion week men's

Camouflage print and leather rest on top in menswear in London! If you are a man of a strong powerful personality and want to create the look to reflect your character, then the third trend is perfect for you. The catwalks are full of all kinds of leather clothes: from boxy, short styles swathed in clear Perspex buttons to full length, cinched-in robes à la Neo from The Matrix.

London fashion week men's


I can’t pass by the next amazing meswear trend in London. Art prints are everywhere, whether it is painted denim jeans, collage patterns or colour-burst graffiti graphics, art-inspired prints are trending hard at London Fashion Week Men’s. After all, The “earth” without “art” is just “eh.”


London fashion week men'sLondon fashion week men's


Looking outside on the snowy Russian winter, one would be grateful to fashion designers setting a trend for Rollnecks. Rollnecks have been prolific across the catwalks, knitted thick and often worn slightly oversize as a top layer in their own right. Now you have a perfect way to be on top and feel warm towards the coming autumn!


London fashion week men'sLondon fashion week men'sLondon fashion week men's London fashion week men's


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