Shoe Shopping 5 HOT brands to watch out from NYFW

Shoe shopping is women favorite cardio therapy. About 90% of the women around the world share the shoe obsession disease with me. A pair of amazing shoes can change our mood in a new york minute, How is that even possible?

Imaging having a credit card with no limits and being left at La Rinascente’s shoe floor in Milan, able to go shoe shopping non-stop. Ok, let’s get grounded, the truth is that I’ve always loved shoes, therefore I ended up being the sales and showroom manager of two luxury shoe brands in Milan.

If you’re thinking about going shoe shopping keep in mine this list. I’m thrilled to share with you the 5 hottest brands that caught my attention (and not only mine I guess) during the NYFW:

1. Kate Spade, Ohlala!!! The creative director Mrs. Glass and the CEO Mrs Anna Bakst did a great job. In honour of the late designer, who was synonymous with her label’s bright and playful aesthetic, the collection was awash with pastel hues, 1970s florals and sparkling sequins. In terms of shoes, the colors where mostly hues of lilac, rose and burgundy, electric blue, white, green and yellow with a splash touch of metallics. Huge return of the platforms, sandals and boots with the dresses over them. If you’re going shoe shopping, remember to stop by Kate Spade e-shop or physical store.

shoe shopping

2. Paul Andrew Spring 19’ collection was concentrated on the textures and interesting techniques. As usual there’re materials such as suede and elaphe in his collection but this season the interesting addition is the sea shells. He said “I started thinking back to my roots when I started the brand six years ago and [had] the idea of combining state of the art technology and innovation mixed with the best in Italian craftsmanship” and that’s what he did, this season a must-see wedges is here below.

shoe shopping shoe shopping shoe shopping

3. Cristian Siriano Those platforms! Mr. Siriano said a phrase “I wanted the collection to feel playful, colorful, bright and romantic with femininity. The collection has movement like a dance at Hawaiian luau and feels fresh and young.”

4. Cristian Cowan in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. Cowan got inmersed at the Zanotti’s archives when creating the collection. At his NFW show, the english designer presented black and gold models inspired by Giuseppe Zanotti’s iconic creations. The collection includes cowboy boots, which are a recurring theme for the fall of 2018, motorcycle boots, and unisex sneakers.

shoe shopping  shoe shopping

5. Custo Barcelona always surprise us with a eclectical style. This season the metallics were very strong, playing with the orage and brownish hues of a very sexy and fashionable style.

shoe shopping  shoe shopping  shoe shopping

If I were shoe shopping today and I had to pick one cool pair of shoes I think I’d  definitly go for the Kate Spade boots or one the Christian Cowan’s sandals x G.Z. Frankly, going shoe shopping with so much inspiration is not easy, better to decompress and choose wisely.






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