Shopping in Milan: Top 10 stores to shop in Milan

Shopping in Milan is a “must” if you are into fashion!

Shopping in Milan is one of those pleasures in life that we all should live at least once. From my point of view there’re cities more “shoppable” than others, in this case I can assure that Milan is one of the best, not to say the number one in terms of fashion trends and brand options, It’s the perfect city to live a guided shopping experience.

Many of my clients, at first contact me through whatsapp, we start talking and before setting up the Made to Measure Shopping Tour, we talk about brands, shops & trends, and they often tell me that they chose Milan instead of other cities to go shopping, because it is very comfortable since the shopping areas are one next to the other.

Let’s get to the point, here below I’ll mention the top 10 stores where my clients often ask me to bring them and where they can easily feel and breath quality, style & trends.

  1. Gucci after Mr. Michele took the creative direction of this brand, the revolution was and still is very obvious, there isn’t even a client who doesn’t ask me to stop by Gucci.

shopping in milan2. Balenciaga, lately I’ve been asking to myself, which brand is stronger now Gucci or Balenciaga?  Cause Balenciaga as well have been presenting strong and commercial collections the last seasons, so surely this is one of the “hot brands” on the season.

3. Prada the cuts and the shapes of Prada are extremely precise, personally I like the brand more for men tan for woman, I find it very easy to wear and stylish paying a lot of attention to details.

4. Celine minimal and trendy looks are easy to find at Celine and the shopping experience inside of the wonderful store in Milan is truly amazing.

5. Boggi Milano, as a more affordable option, with Italian style, this boutique offers great suits and “casual Friday looks” to complete a wardrobe makeover.

shopping in milan

6. Dolce&Gabbana the boutique at Via Montenapoleone is worth to be visited, it’s a real beauty. As we all know, the collections are very strong and rich of embellishments, so here it depends on your personal style, whether you like it or not .

shopping in milan

7. Armani for a more serious fit and classic pieces Mr. Armani is always the answer. Besides the store in Milan, the coffee, the restaurant and the roof top are a must-see.

shopping in milan

8. Fendi in Via Montenapoleone as well is a regular stop with clients in Milan, and now that they launched the “new logo” with the F inside the circle, the requests to purchase the brand has increased.

shopping in milan

9. Ermenegildo Zegna from my point of view is the best store to go Shopping in Milan for a gentleman, great style for every age.

10. Rinascente is the Paradise to go shopping in Milan. It’s a multibrand department store, where the clients can find many luxury and contemporary brands all in one space.

shopping in milan

Shopping in Milan can be really fun and inspiring, surely you’ll find wonderful collections and you’ll see stylish people around the city to take inspiration from. Our team will be happy to guide you to go shopping in Milan and to live an unique experience.


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