sustainable fashion
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Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.”

As the world screams for help and life stands still for a little while during the Covid-19 crisis, we get the chance to really think about what is important. We love to write about fashion, personal shopping & image consulting and to inspire our readers, therefore we will keep on doing this. However, we have been thinking about how we make a difference individually while still being an inspiration for our fashion community. As fashion means creativity there are many ways to do good while transforming yourself into your best version. In that way, we can make sure that one by one we do what we can to maintain a healthy way of exploring ourselves through the fashion world. Hereunder, we explain different ways to do fashion in a responsible way: Sustainable fashion!

Vintage means used and the sound of this sometimes can carry a negative feeling, we truly believe that giving our clothes and accessories a second life is an ultimate way to enjoy a piece to the fullest. All around the world and in every city there are stores to find that sell vintage clothes. The price is lower and that´s why it is a good way to buy a designer item for less than the original price. Also here in Europe, there are many vintage stores that calculate the total price of your purchase by weighing the number of kilograms: Vintage per kilo! Apart from stores, there are also many apps and websites to find where you can sell or buy used clothes. Vintage is the perfect answer to sustainable fashion and one of my favorite shoppable Instagram account is Damelia Vintage Online check her out and be delighted by her unique taste and esthetics.

Sustainable fabrics The fashion industry changes continuously and brands are looking all the time for ways to make sustainable fashion. A big part of this process is finding a way to produce fabrics that last long and are made in a responsible way. With this, we mean that the process of creating clothes should damage the environment as little as possible.

Lyocell is a great example of this type of creating sustainable fashion. This fiber has many similarities with viscose, however, there is one major difference: the process of creating lyocell damages the environment way less than it does in the creating of products made out of viscose. In the process of making lyocell, there are used chemicals just like with other fabrics. However, the chemical used for creating lyocell can be separated from the water all the time. In this way, the water can be reused over and over again during the process of creating lyocell.

Vegan leather Another good example of a fabric that screams ‘sustainable fashion’ is vegan leather. This type of ‘leather’ might be confused with faux leather. Indeed, both types of leather seem similar and are both a fake variant of animal skins. However, there is one major difference that can be found in the creating process. While faux leather many times might be mixed with products that do come from animals (such as wool or types of glue made from bones etc.), vegan leather does not include any such products. Vegan leather has been a huge upcoming trend of which we expect to see more and more the upcoming years. One good example of a brand that introduced their vegan leather line is Dr. Martens.

Organic Cotton. Slowly we can see brands expending their offer by giving customers the opportunity to choose organic cotton. No wonder that more often you’ll be able to see a tag hanging beside the price tag stating the magical words ‘organic cotton’. But what does this mean and what is the difference with ‘normal’ cotton? The most important difference in creating organic cotton is the way there are no synthetic agricultural chemicals used to process the cotton plants and ground. This means that no damage was caused to the earth and biological cycles won’t be interrupted by the usage of chemicals. The production of organic cotton has made a huge growth over the past years and each year more fashion brands give in to this way of making sustainable fashion.

But where to start? Here below I defined 3 elements are essential to consider in your next shopping experience:

sustainable fashion
Aprilis Panamá
  1. Choose Quality over Quantity We live in an era in which we find it ‘normal’ to just buy, buy, buy. Big brands offer the lowest prices which means we can buy more for less. Of course, for the customer, this is a Walhalla since there is always something new to find and in that we never get bored. This is called fast fashion. We can enter the store one week and 2 weeks later there are already new items to find again, to the dismay of the smaller brands.
  2. Support local designer that believes in ethical fashion: There are so many small brands and multibrand boutiques that are trying to survive the Covid-19 crisis, once we’ll be able to go out from our home, our contribution supporting the local boutiques is going to be crucial, in Panama, for example, there are amazing options in terms of Specialty Stores such as Ororosa Panama Revolviendo el Baul and Aprilis just to mention some of my favorites. They had to close stores or to postpone summer collections due to a lack of customers or a lockdown. Please keep in mind that as a matter of fact that supporting the local fashion proposal should be a priority. In the world of fast fashion, we might feel the need to buy more and more and more. But why so? Why don’t we challenge ourselves to find our personal style and to create the ultimate closet in which there are to find only the best items? Therefore this leads us to the third and last element to consider before buying something.
  3. Find your personal style: If you feel you would like support from this point of view you, you are in the right fashion blog, Maria Waleska has many years of experience and most probably she’s the answer that you have been looking for, booking a Digital Image Consultancy once limited wasting hours of your time and lots of money, and on revanche, you will transform yourself into your best version.
sustainable fashion
Revolviendo El Baúl Panamá

In that way, we create a wave of fashion lovers that do their utmost to create sustainable fashion while still feeling like their collection is complete. For example, for every new sustainable piece you purchase, you can donate another piece to a vintage store. In that way, we make sure that the cycle keeps on turning and step by step we make the world a better place.

Even if it’s a little step or action, this is where the big change starts.



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