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Milan Fashion

Milan Fashion Review: Top 5 trends to be wearing in 2019

Milan Fashion last year was incredible, fashion week is around the corner and before we get there here below I’ll highlight an overview of some trends that we will all be during this year

1- Milan Fashion: Bike shorts

Bike Shorts have been quickly making a comeback,  we can see celebrities such as Kim Kardashian wearing this trend. Also on the catwalks of Fendi, Chanel and Stella McCartney.

They can be combined in different ways, either casual or something more formal, everything depends on your style . Here are some ideas of how to use your bike shorts this season according to Milan Fashion.

Milan Fashion
Milan Fashion

You can combine it with high heels , sneakers, bomber jackets,  blazers, oversized t shirts, get creative and play with the look it is all based on accessories and the way you pull it off.

2- Sequins

Shine this 2019 with this trend, glitter everywhere reflected on many of the Milan fashion shows last year.

You can use this look either in a party or even transform it into  a Street style look.

Milan Fashion

3- Polka Dots

Polka Dots Everywhere. Marc Jacobs once  said “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot”. Polka dots are a classic . This trend was seen on the Milan fashion runways of Dolce & Gabanna with a off shoulder  , black and white polka dot dress.

Ideas to wear this trend

Milan Fashion
Milan Fashion

4- Milan Fashion: Tie Dye

Tie Dye Trend make a comeback this season . with Bright Colors , it has been elavated to a high fashion status. This a trend of  Beach reference inspiration that could be used as a travel apparel. Accesories to make a statement for this trend Seashell necklace. This is one of the best spotted trends in the milan fashion shows, it gives a sense of escapism.

Milan Fashion

5- Crochet

Crochet all day . This trend was seen on the milan fashion week spring 2019. Full length dress, cover ups, swimsuits , there are a lot of options with a  crochet style. Runways of Etro and Dolce & Gabanna featured this trend  on their runways, using a lot of crochet garments and layering it with other trends such as bike shorts.

Milan Fashion

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