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Shopping Experience in Milan by Maria Waleska Alvarez

Shopping Experience in Milan: The history of Personal Shopping Milan by Maria Waleska Alvarez Maria Waleska Alvarez was interviewed by GoDaddy where she shared her passion for fashion and how that passion gave birth to PersonalShoppingMilan, an activity that offers both services with Shopping Experience and Fashion Consulting for luxury brands. Maria Waleska Alvarez is Read more about Shopping Experience in Milan by Maria Waleska Alvarez[…]

shopping experience milan

Personal Shopper Milan: 5 secret tips to look stunning!

Personal Shopper Milan makes your life easier with these easy tips. As a Personal Shopper in Milan we accept that all have them; days that we don´t look exactly the way we want. You just can´t seem to make your hair look perfect, or you have already tried so many outfits but get to realize Read more about Personal Shopper Milan: 5 secret tips to look stunning![…]

personal shopping services

Personal Shopping Services: 10 boutiques not to miss in Milan!

Booking a personal shopping service is like departing with an advantage to face successfully the wonderful jungle of fashion brands, little hidden stores, amazing outlets and vintage boutiques in a city like Milan. Let’s be honest, when you come to Italy you want to see the amazing historical side of Rome, you wish to go Read more about Personal Shopping Services: 10 boutiques not to miss in Milan![…]

fashion trends

Fashion trends to watch out from now until Summer 2019

Fashion trends change quickly; they come and go, as we all know the fashion trends are cyclical. More than half of the 2018 year has passed and I’d like to make a recap of the fashion trends we’ve been seeing lately among the street styles in the capitals of fashion, the resort collections, and some Read more about Fashion trends to watch out from now until Summer 2019[…]

finding your personal style

Finding your personal style

Finding your personal style is the ultimate key to be confident! Summer is the time of year that we all wait for, often synonymous of holidays and fun. A perfect time to travel, inspire us, find our personal style and show it to the world! In the working world there is a concept of ‘personal branding’, which Read more about Finding your personal style[…]

Lèa parisian look

Parisian look: Top 5 styles to look like a real Parisian!

Paris, Paris…This beautiful city has inspired and still inspires many creators from all over the world. Today, it’s one of the main capitals of fashion and style. But what is exactly the point about the PARISIAN LOOK that inspires so much?   The Parisian girl is always aware of fashion and knows absolutely the last Read more about Parisian look: Top 5 styles to look like a real Parisian![…]

Miroslava Duma

The Zarina of it girls: Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma have conquered the minds and hearts of the world high fashion business. The Financial Times described Duma as a “force of the fashion industry.” Vogue called her “a brilliant entrepreneur.”, Vogue Paris named her the “most connected digital entrepreneur in fashion”, Fashion Diva Design called her “the It Girl”. Miroslava Duma first became Read more about The Zarina of it girls: Miroslava Duma[…]

hair style braids

HairStyle: Braids

how to make a braided hairstyle? On youtube you can find plenty of tutorials where you get taught it. French braids, Dutch braids, boxer braids, fishbone braid;  there are so many different braids and they are easier to make than you think! As hair style Braids are so stylish and it gives a finishing touch to your Read more about HairStyle: Braids[…]

make up trends

Make up trends for summer

Make up is a blessing for every girl as it is the easiest way to look perfect and create the new different looks every day. It can be real fun and this summer make up trends will show it to you. Summertime is the season for bright red lips, electric blue eyes, glitter and false Read more about Make up trends for summer[…]

lauren conrad

Get to Know: Lauren Conrad

She’s stylish, cute, and a real fashionista. We’re talking about Lauren Conrad! You may know her from 2005’s popular real life show ‘The Hills’. You may not know her at all. Let’s find out more about Lauren, her style and fashion trends. As a teenager already she was beautiful, dressed really cool and fitted well Read more about Get to Know: Lauren Conrad[…]


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