Senza categoriaRetail Therapy: top 5 Latin-American designers to shop in Panama

Retail Therapy: top 5 Latin-American designers to shop in Panama

Retail Therapy: the best of the Latin-American design in Panama

Have you ever found yourself buying something that you don’t need, to make yourself happy? Do you spend more when you’re stressed? “Retail therapy” is one method of stress relief that many people use consciously or unconsciously – it’s the act of buying yourself a little something to boost your mood when you’re feeling low, and it may be more common than you think.

So If your idea of relaxing is a little “retail therapy” then shopping in Panama is for you. When it comes to retail therapy, there’s no greater feeling than shopping local.

Here is a list of Latin- American designers you should consider to shop in Panama and we can guide you through an exclusive personal shopping experience:

Andrea Ayala

Her designs are made in delicate fabrics and textures that will offer  woman a new style, full of colors and patterns that will fill with life the wardrobe of those who acquire the garments.

Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

Available at  : @revolviendoelbaul

Instagram.   : @byandreaayala

Nabel martins

Retail Therapy

In her pieces, she combines diversity of textures, colors and prints with symmetry of the cuts, aiming to dress the contemporary woman.

Retail Therapy

Instagram: @nabelmartins

Edda Gonzalez

Her designs are not only influenced by his personal style, but also by his grandmothers, who had an exquisite taste for fine linens and elegance, also by the glamour of Hollywood divas in the 20s and 30s (century XX).

Retail Therapy
Retail therapy

Available at : EG boutique

Instagram:    @eddagonzalez

Veronica Angel

As a personal shopper I never miss this atelier. Designs known for using Panamanian cultural elements in a unique and modern way through their collections. Bold color palettes and prints are essentials in their ready to wear collections.

Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy

Available at :    Veronica Angel Showroom

Instagram.  : @veronicaangelpanama

Sousa Pitti

unique pieces inspired by culture and tradition . DNA of the brand is to take reference to a social issue, as was the postwar period. original colors used: military green, blue, whites and creams.

Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy

Available at : @cocomarketpty

Instagram:     @sousapitti

It is said that people who are upset tend to be more impulsive, which could mean they spend more money during a retail therapy experience. However, individuals do not regret spending money on “self-treats” with the goal of improving mood.

But you don’t actually have to spend money to get a retail therapy, you can book Personal shopping experience, visit the shops and try on the clothes with the suggestion of an expert so that next time you will go by yourself you will pick exactly the clothes that suit you better without losing time and money!

Btw Do not forget to visit the great hotels in Panama: The new brand one  W Panama it’s for sure the best place to stay in Panama city and also The American Trade Hotel is a very spacial option if you’re looking for a colonial touch.

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