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As an image consultant, I can say that no man was born stylish, It takes time and effort to find out how you can set a stylish look . Based on many image consultants advices , you can simply follow these rules below to look more stylish :

1.Image consultant tip: Be careful about the size

The first and most important rule and every image consultant’s pivot point in appearance is size !

You should first know different common styles ( Slim fit – Regular – Relaxed – Loose ) and  pick the right size.

Getting your body’s measurements right , helps you to find clothes which are exactly fit on you .

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2. Image consultant tip: take care of your hairstyle

Hairstyles play a huge role in image consulting , It can totally change the way you look .

Search for trendy hairstyles and select a good one based on your face geometry and skin tone .

Try this online hair consultant : the hairstyler

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3. Image consultant tip: Details always matter!

Details , the element which image consultants are focusing on , these days . Stylish men recognise the importance of great accessories and the significance of putting the finishing touches on great menswear.

Attention to detail is important; it’s the little things that are noticed and reflect personal style.

Choose accessories with clean and classic shapes and colors.

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4. Image consultant tip: as Chanel used to say “Less is more” Simplicity is the keyword

Never forgent about simplicity !

Details are essential but don’t over-do it . With a clean and simple outfit you will look awesome .

As all the professional image consultants believe in this quote :

“ Less is more . “

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5.Image Consultant tip: First Impressions are the most powerful!

Individual style can make a good first impression, keep you looking your best, and boost your confidence.

To create an amazing style you can start by seeking inspirations online or get advice by image consultants . Find your specific style based on your taste and charactersitics , then make it a part of your lifestyle .

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