A letter from the fashion editor..

To my fashion readers, 

Welcome to 2017! This 2016 was a great year for Personal Shopping Milan, all thanks to your support!
First of all, I’d love to say THANK YOU for following our project, for believing in our fashion contributors, and for always being tuned in to all of our luxury adventures, starting from Milan but keeping an open eye for the rest of the world.
fashion Christmas
I’ll get a bit more personal now. I was born in Venezuela, where I learned to love the beauty of nature, its colors, and its smells, which are engraved in my soul and still manage to inspire me, even from a distance.
Starting from there, I have always believed that we are meant to be born in a place that leaves an imprint on us, but without any doubt we are all citizens of the same world, and we have the right to feel, live, understand, and be a part of it.
Personal Shopping Milan’s project was born from the brain storming of Fabrizio, Oscar, and myself, and the most amazing achievement we have accomplished is having the opportunity to share with you all the fashion trends, inspirational tips, more of our daily lives, and experiences surrounded by fashion.
As well, personally, I’d love to say thank you to the wonderful crew with whom I interact daily. Having them is really a blessing. They always give us a reason to wake up and dress to conquer the world, to believe that the body type you have does not matter, but that the truly important thing is to know yourself, to believe in you, and to put on some clothing that says to the world “Hey! I’m ready to do my best today and shine bright like a dimond” (like Rihanna used to say).
Well, dear followers, 2017 has arrived and with it a bunch of amazingness that we’ll share with you little by little! So stay tuned!!!
Thank you so much again, and from the bottom of my heart I wish you a happy, brilliant, and gorgeous NEW YEAR!!!
Let’s celebrate and say cheers for what we have learned and for the great things that are coming, but more than anything for TODAY, the biggest gift we have ever received!
Cheers to you, to the new year, and to the present!
Bisous, MW.

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