Daily FashionImage consulting. How to find your personal style?

Image consulting. How to find your personal style?

In modern world we are surrounded by such a variety of styles and trends that it seems almost impossible to find your personal style in this colorful stream of fashion. Don’t be confused! There is always a place for fashion and beauty. And image consulting is what you need not to get lost.


The very first thing worth remembering when creating personal style is Being yourself! Regardless of fashion trends, you should wear the outfits which suit exactly to you and which make you feel confident. Remember that you are unique. There is nobody in this world the same as you, so should remain your personal style. Feel free to create. And image consulting will help you discover your personality and show it to the world in most attractive way.

So passing on to some practice.

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Image consulting begins with colors. And here again: Away from stereotypes! Everyone knows that women with light blonde hair and pale skin look perfect in pastel colors. But sometimes the pure dark palette appears even better making the image of such angelic women more dramatic and theatrical. Why not? You should not be afraid to experiment on you looks if you feel it inside. Image consulting can help you play with accessories and shoes to complete your personal style!


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I adore unexpected combinations and the mixture of styles. You can look on top wearing long bodycon skirt with New Balance Sneakers. Or combing a cocktail dress and high-hills with a bomber jacket. If you are not sure how to do it perfectly, image consulting is a good idea! It can help you realize your vision speaking on the language of fashion.

image consultingimage consulting

Find inspiration everywhere you go and create your own trends. Search for your personal favorites. For instance, hats are my new religion for now. Even the most simple classic outfits with blue jeans and white shirts become very special if you complete it with a right kind of a hat! Your personal style is a reflection of your character so never let it die away. Image consulting will show you new ways and unusual manners of self-realisation!

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