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Job Interview: Do’s & Don’ts!

A Job interview is an opportunity to make an excellent first impression on your potential employer. 

Getting dress properly is a big part of the interview process, so let’s do it right. The first thing I recommend is to research the company website and the field you are applying for, so you can make a better decision for your appropriate outfit for the Job Interview. You maybe think you do not have many options at the time of getting dress but, Guess what? You do can get creative, you just need to keep on mind the don’ts and do’s at the time of putting that outfit together and I am here to show you how. 

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The don’ts 

You maybe be think that you got this, but you would be amazed of how many people show up with the wrong outfit to a Job Interview and even with an impressive resume they do not get the job. Do not wear any kind of jeans, tennis shoes or sneakers, shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts, hats, flip-flops total don’t! Any garments with messages or brand written on them. Save the fun stuff after you get that job. 

Specifically for women do not wear anything to revealing, excessive accessories, neon or loud colors and strong perfumes would be a no, no! 

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The do’s 

Always wear neutral colors such as black, blue, grey, white and browns. The Little Black Dress well accessorize is always a good option, if you know what I am talking about. Blazers, button down shirts, blouses, pencil skirts, slacks or the traditional matching business suit with the right shoes and an a perfect hair can make a difference. Your shoes always should be close toes pumps or flat if you prefer but never wear sandals or platforms. Accessories you can either use a statement piece or something very discrete. Less is more when it comes to hair and make up. Neutral colors would be on point and your hairstyle simple, neat and clean. Always remember you want to project the best version of you. 

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If your Job interview outfit is for the fashion Industry dismiss everything I said and Dress to impress girl!

Maria Waleska Alvarez Mirabal was born in Venezuela and has developed professionally working between Milan, Paris and New York for luxury brands.

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