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HairStyle: Braids

how to make a braided hairstyle? On youtube you can find plenty of tutorials where you get taught it. French braids, Dutch braids, boxer braids, fishbone braid;  there are so many different braids and they are easier to make than you think!

As hair style Braids are so stylish and it gives a finishing touch to your personal style. Even if your hair is not that long, you still can be really creative with braids to make your hair look different some time. Also braids are really comfortable because they will keep your hair out of your face.

Whenever I braid my hair people always tell me how difficult it looks and how they will never be able to do it themselves. But I believe everyone can learn how to braid! Of course you need patience and also whenever I learn how to make a new type of braid I lose my patience some times. Whenever that happens, stay calm, go do something else for a little while and try again later that day.

One of my favorite youtubers who makes tutorials is Carly BybelShe explains really good and calm how to do things and I believe by watching her videos everyone can be a braid pro!!!

Below I will show three types of my favorite braids:

The boxer braids

These braided hair style will make you look so cool with an urban touch!

They are actually really easy to make but it will need some practice before you know how to do it. Especially your arms will hurt which makes creating boxer braids is also a good training for your upper arms ahaha! Style it with a cool outfit (like Skynny high waisted jeans) sunglasses, sneakers and your are ready!

hair style braids

The crown braid

To be honest I never succeeded to make a crown braid yet. But I really think it always looks so cute and it’s perfect for special occasions like a wedding. It gives a romantic touch to your personal style and you will look like the queen of the night with your handmade crown.

The fishbone braid

 The longer your hair the better a fishbone braid looks. This is one of the braids that looks really difficult but is actually very easy to make. You use four strands of hair instead of three and that’s why you have to get used to the way of braiding. But once you know how to make a fishbone braid it will be so easy because the action is the same all the time until there is no hair left.

hair style braids

Of course there are way more braids to explore and once you start braiding your own hair you will hopefully find your perfect fit. Just be creative and you will see how easy it can be. Now start braiding girls!

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